From Department to Citizen

  • Stamp fee, court fines collected  by this Department are released for the development activities of the Local Government authoriries.

  • Distribution and sale of revenue stamps of North North Western Provinciall within the Province.

  • Offering advice required for the correct transfer of immovable properties.

· For Businesses

· From Department to Businesses

· Conducting awareness programs on the various statutes relating to turnover tax and the payment of taxes – relevant to Business community.

· Taking action to enhance the knowledge of social recognition of a correct tax payer.


· For Goverment Organizations

· Department to Government Institutions

· Taking direct action in respect of the revenue collection of the North Western Province.

· Assisting the Divisional Secretariats for the registration of various kinds of enterprises under the Statue of Business names and sale of revenue of stamps the Provincial Council in collaboration with the Divisional Secretariats.

· Working in collaborated with the Department of Land Registrar for the enforcement of registration of instruments on correct values.


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